Magnetic Coupling Manufacturer

We are the leading magnetic coupling manufacturer in China. 

Our experienced R & D team manufactures the highest quality magnetic coupling for lots of projects. 

What we provide is cost-efficient, highly-certified torque transmitting solutions. 

It helps customers save their running and energy costs while also dramatically reducing the need for coupling maintenance and replacement.

We have the most comprehensive range of products: disc magnetic coupling, high toruqe coupling , mining coupling, synchronous coupling, and adjust speed coupling.

Our Mission

Create a valuable production solution for our customers, but above all draw the best know-how.


Our experienced team offer the most efficient magnetic coupling solutions to significantly reduce carbon footprint and ensure the greatest torque transmitting that in turn will deliver the maximum returns to your project.


We have made major strides in quality improvements. Our company is ISO 9001 certified. We have implemented improved process controls, in-process inspections, extensive software to track our production procession, and tracking of material. We have also purchased a Dynamic balance testing machine. 

Open Door Policy

Any customer is welcome to visit our manufacturing facility to witness our first class manufacturing and re-manufacturing operation.  also provides technical assistance with related issues, and the customer has access to direct communication with the technical shop personnel for status on magnetic coupling and newly manufactured products.

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